Ham and cheddar artisan breakfast sandwich – Starbucks

Project 365: Day 92

I’ve given up on the food near my hotel, so I took the shared rental car and drove to West Ashley to grab some local bbq at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ. Omg, it was SO good! I got a combo plate to try all the different meats and I’m glad I did. The portions was gigantic so I was able to take the leftovers home. Mmm, finally!

Ham and cheddar artisan breakfast sandwich Starbucks

“This is kind of like your typical ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. Only with better cheese. And instead of scrambled eggs, you get frittata. With Parmesan. On a hand-scored artisan roll. See? Just like the sandwich you’re used to … except delightfully different.” $3.25
Starbucks, Kettleman City CA

Ham and cheddar artisan breakfast sandwich - Starbucks
July 24, 2013
The sandwich looks better this time around. 🙂

Birthday cake pop – Starbucks

Project 365: Day 28

It’s been a boring day so I needed a little pick-me-up this afternoon. Solution: Starbucks run, lol! Haven’t had these cake pops yet so I decided to try one. The pink birthday cake pop was all they had left and it was pretty good. I’m glad that they have something that I actually like. Everything I’ve tried lately hasn’t been very good.

Oh, I’m super excited to attend the Foodspotting Ball Ball tonight! Gonna take Silverfox. I hope there’s a lot of yummy food and drinks!

Birthday cake pop Starbucks

Vanilla cake and icing, dipped in a pink chocolate-y coating with white sprinkles. $1.50
Starbucks, South San Francisco CA

Birthday cake pop Starbucks

I was surprised how moist the cake was! They must add a lot of butter or dip it in simple syrup before coating.

Tall Americano Starbucks

Tall Americano with milk and sugar. $1.95
I love the new Valentine’s Day cup! Very cute.

Very berry coffee cake – Starbucks

Very berry coffee cake Starbucks

Reduced-fat crumble top coffee cake made with blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. $2.25
Starbucks, South San Francisco CA

It says “reduce-fat” and it certainly tastes like. I was super starving the morning that I bought this (along with the mini vanilla bean scone) and neither item really satisfied me. Pretty to look at but not much flavor.

Petite vanilla bean scone – Starbucks

Petite vanilla bean scone Starbucks

Moist, bite-sized scone flavored with natural vanilla extract and real vanilla beans. $0.95
Starbucks, South San Francisco CA

Every once in a while, I’ll torture myself with mediocre coffee and pastries from Starbucks because it’s convenient and I’m lazy, lol! This scone wasn’t very good. The online description says “moist”, but this was actually pretty dry and the thick layer of frosting was unappetizing.

Skinny vanilla latte Starbucks

Tall skinny vanilla latte. $3.25
Has non-fat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup. I do love me a skinny vanilla latte, though, because the vanilla syrup helps to hide to bad coffee taste.