Bulgoki beef buns – Rikki Rikki

Bulgoki beef buns - Rikki Rikki
Three steamed asian buns, filled with bulgoki beef and wild greens. Happy hour $5.95
Rikki Rikki, Kirkland WA

Uh, that’s a new spelling of the word! I guess that’s what you get when you order a Korean style beef packed into Chinese steamed buns at a Japanese sushi restaurant, lol! These buns were ok. They didn’t have the great Korean bulgogi flavors that I was expected. At two bucks a pop, I really can’t complain too much though. They’re a great value!

Lake Washington
Lake Washington along I-90 E Channel Bridge.

Spicy tuna roll – Rikki Rikki

Spicy tuna roll - Rikki Rikki
With green onion, cucumber, avocado. Happy hour $5.95
Rikki Rikki, Kirkland WA

I think that spicy tuna rolls are always a safe option for me because the addition of sriracha to the chopped tuna seems to cover up some the imperfections the roll may have, lol! It’s not the classiest roll, but I think it’s delicious. 🙂

Metal and glass fence
Decorative metal and glass fence, Ballard.

Tarantula roll – Rikki Rikki

Tarantula roll - Rikki Rikki
Panko breaded soft shell crab, jalapeno, avocado, masago, chili sauce, and spicy mayonnaise. Happy hour $5.95
Rikki Rikki, Kirkland WA

I really loved this roll (and for less than six bucks)! It was a nice change to have the soft shell crab covered in panko. Usually they’re tempura battered and fried. The panko gave it a different texture and flavor to the sushi roll. Noms!

Elephant Car Wash

Elephant Car Wash.

Seafood poke – Rikki Rikki

Seafood poke - Rikki Rikki
Chopped various seafood and cucumber dressed with spicy soy sauce. Happy hour $4.95
Rikki Rikki, Kirkland WA

This place has a great happy hour with plenty of discounted food and drinks! That’s probably why one of sisters frequents this place, hehe. The poke was pretty tasty. It was more of a salad with some chopped fish on top, but I didn’t mind because it cost less than five bucks. The fish tasted fresh and the soy dressing was good.

Cape cod cocktail - Rikki Rikki
Cape cod cocktail (vodka and cranberry). Happy hour $2.95

Paddleboarders on Shilshole Bay.