Baja fish tacos – Punto de Vista Restaurant

Baja fish tacos Punto de Vista Restaurant
Breaded whitefish, lettuce, and tomato in a creamy mango sauce wrapped in soft tortillas, served with arroz habichuela (rice and beans). $11
Punto de Vista Restaurant, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Even though this was similar to the churrasquitos, I liked it better because the fish had a better texture and was warmer than the steak. Still not a taco, but good enough.

Old San Juan at night
Looking down towards the red Puerta de San Juan (San Juan Gate) at nighttime. We walked the Paseo de la Princesa the following day. That’s the waterfront path which runs in front of the San Juan Gate.

Vaso de pulpo – Punto de Vista Restaurant

Vaso de pulpo Punto de Vista Restaurant
Octopus salad with red onions, lime, cilantro and olive oil. $8
Punto de Vista Restaurant, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

I enjoyed this dish. The octopus had some bite, but wasn’t too rubbery. It also had a lot of flavor. The one thing I will say is that there was way too much oil!

Plaza del Totem

Totem Telúrico, Plaza del Totem. This 40-foot tall column within the Plaza del Quinto Centenario was designed by Jaime Suarez and is made of black granite and ceramics. Very cool!

Churrasquitos – Punto de Vista Restaurant

3 Argentinean steak soft tacos, lettuce, tomato, cheese and a raspberry chipotle sauce with arroz mamposteao (blended rice). Sweet and zesty! $11
Punto de Vista Restaurant, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

This was ok. It wasn’t what I was expecting. This was more of a steak wrap than a soft taco in my opinion, but maybe that’s just a regional difference. It was flavorful enough especially with the sauce, but it was cold so I was bit turned off.

Morro Castle
Wall around the grounds of Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Morro Castle was designed to protect the entrance to San Juan Bay. It’s located at the western tip of Old San Juan and is a great place for walking around and flying kites.

Mojitos – Punto de Vista Restaurant

Mojitos Punto de Vista Restaurant

White rum, lime, sugar, soda, mint. Buy 1 get 1 free $4
Punto de Vista Restaurant, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Mojitos Punto de Vista Restaurant
Omg, loved this place in Old San Juan! They had the best drink specials and it seemed like the specials ran all day. They actually made their drinks with alcohol unlike most of the other restaurants that served super watered-down drinks.

La Rogativa statue

La Rogativa, Lindsay Daen 1971. Old San Juan has a lot of random statues beautifying the streets. This one is located at the end of Caleta de las Monjas along the old city walls.