Duck potstickers – Grand Lux Cafe

Duck potstickers - Grand Lux Cafe
Duck breast, shiitake mushrooms and crispy vegetables in a spicy hoisin sauce, steamed then sauteed until crisp. $9.95
Grand Lux Cafe, Las Vegas NV

Loved these potstickers – great duck flavor and beautifully cooked. Maybe the wilted parsley sprig on top could have been omitted, but whatevs. Noms!

Asian short rib tacos – Grand Lux Cafe

Asian short rib tacos - Grand Lux Cafe
Three mini corn tortillas filled with grilled marinated kogi-style short rib, house-made Korean kim chi and chili aioli. $5.95
Grand Lux Cafe, Las Vegas NV

These tacos were pretty tasty, but the tortillas were a little dry and had a weird texture. I will say that our server was super friendly and hilarious though so it made the dining experience enjoyable regardless of some of the food missteps!