“Dirty” crispy potatoes – Cockscomb

Dirty crispy potatoes - Cockscomb
Pickled peppers and country ham puree. Happy hour $4
Cockscomb, San Francisco CA

I know that this pic is on the dark side, but rest assured that the potatoes were delicious! I thought they were perfectly fried and the toppings were yummy. And only four bucks, folks!

Oysters – Cockscomb

Oysters - Cockscomb
Chef’s choice, mignonette. Happy hour $1 each
Cockscomb, San Francisco CA

I made sure that these oysters were small prior to ordering them, although I can’t quite remember the variety. Anyway, these were yummy and cleanly shucked. Sorry for the blurry pic. 😦

Grilled cheese – Cockscomb

Grilled cheese - Cockscomb
Truffle and honey. $16
Cockscomb, San Francisco CA

Wow, this was probably the most decadent grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten thus far, and it certainly was delicious! It was warm and cheesy, and wonderfully fragrant from the truffles with a sweetness from the honey. NOMS!

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

San Francisco City Hall
San Francisco City Hall.

Wood oven roasted pig’s head – Cockscomb

Wood oven roasted pig's head - Cockscomb
Endives, capers, parsley and lemon. $65
Cockscomb, San Francisco CA

Wood oven roasted pig's head - Cockscomb
Half a roasted pig’s head? Are you kidding me! This was SO amazing, and surprisingly more meaty than I thought it would be. The pork skin was SO crispy, fatty, and delicious and there was so much meat underneath. It was almost like Christmas and opening a present at the table. NOMS! Oooh, and thank goodness for the endives to help cut all that fatty deliciousness.