House caesar salad – The Old Clam House

House caesar salad - The Old Clam House
Garlic croutons, shaved Spanish manchego el trigal cheese. Side $8.99
The Old Clam House, San Francisco CA

This Casesar was not very impressive. It was over dressed and there were hardly any croutons to be found. Such a disappointing start to a meal…


Fiddlehead ferns – Zahav

Fiddlehead ferns - Zahav
Mesibah menu $53 per person
Zahav, Philadelphia PA

I can’t remember what this mezze was called or everything in it, but I so remember that the fiddlehead ferns tasted great. You don’t see this ingredient enough, and I didn’t even know it was used in Israeli food.

Meatball and polenta – Farmers Fishers Bakers

Meatball and polenta - Farmers Fishers Bakers
Artichoke dip, guacamole, tortilla chips, flatbread. Brunch buffet $29.99
Farmers Fishers Bakers, Washington DC

This probably looks like the most random plate them all, but these were some of the things I hadn’t tried yet. (Except for the artichoke dip which I had to get seconds of!) The meatball and polenta were great! I loved the creaminess of the polenta although it could have used a bit more salt.