Starters and sides – Wayfare Tavern

Wayfare caesar - Wayfare Tavern
Wayfare Caesar: soft egg, boquerones, garlic confit, herbed breadcrumbs. $13
Wayfare Tavern, San Francisco CA

This was a very yummy deconstructed version of a caesar salad. I loved all the different components.

Steamed Prince Edward Island mussels - Wayfare Tavern
Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels: shaved Buddha’s hand, bay leaf, creme fraiche, uni butter. $15

The description of this dish sounded way better than what it was. The dish fell a little flat in my eyes and didn’t deliver all the flavor that the ingredients promised.

Baked macaroni and cheese - Wayfare Tavern
Baked Macaroni and Cheese: Vella dry jack, smoked olive oil. $9

Another ok dish. This wasn’t special or exciting.

Crispy brussels sprouts - Wayfare Tavern
Crispy Brussels Sprouts: garlic, pine nuts, parmesan. $8

These were delicious! I loved the texture of the brussels sprouts and they tasted amazing.

Sauteed scallops – Nombe

Sauteed scallops Nombe

With uni butter and baby beets. $15
Nombe, San Francisco

Omg, this was such a rich dish!  And perhaps, not in a good way.  The uni butter, while delicious, was SO heavy.  There’s not a lot of it on the plate, but it completely overpowered everything else.  To be fair the beets were delicious and the scallops were cooked well.

This dinner was very disappointing.  The service was horrendous and the timing between dishes was atrocious!  The food was just ok overall and not really worth the price.  I don’t think I’ll go back.

It was very dark in the restaurant and halfway through, they decided to turn the lights even lower.  Therefore, I wasn’t able to photograph everything but here are the remaining pics I was able to snap before it the darkness made it impossible to take more.

Kurobuta pork belly Nombe

Grilled Kurobuta pork belly, mizuna, jicama, yuzo kosho dressing. $10
This was the best dish of the night (although it’s very hard to see, lol).  The meat was tender, flavorful and perfectly cooked.  I also loved the mizuna salad on the side!

Persimmon cosmo Nombe

Persimmon cosmo shochu cocktail. $5 happy hour
This was ok.  I’m glad it was discounted for happy hour otherwise I would have been more disappointed.

Nipponito cocktail Nombe

Nipponito – mint, lime, rice shochu. $8
Very sour!