Sunrise Subway melt – Subway

Project 365: Day 26

I hate Mondays! I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. But I dragged myself up and forced myself to the gym. Stopped by Subway on the way and grabbed a breakfast sandwich.

This weekend was pretty busy and I drank WAY too much. The bottomless mimosas at brunch yesterday got me really tired and I fell asleep early last night. Now back to the daily grind. I need to win the lottery, lol!

Sunrise Subway melt

Turkey, crispy bacon, black forest ham, pepper jack cheese, egg, pepperocinis, and olives on an english muffin. $2.50
Subway, San Francisco

First time to have one of their breakfast sandwiches and it was pretty good! And the price was cheap for what you actually got. You had the option of getting egg whites but I opted for the regular egg. I’m glad I got this instead of a pastry from a coffee shop. I ate WAY too poorly this past weekend.

Italian sub – Luigi’s Sandwich Palace

Italian sub Luigi's Sandwich Palace

1/2 sandwich with mortadella, salami, provolone cheese, sundried tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, and pepperocinis on a wheat bun. 1/2 sandwich 1/2 soup combo, $5.95
Luigi’s Sandwich Palace, South San Francisco

Omg, for 1/2 a sandwich this was HUGE and tasty!  I loved the combination of mortadella, salami and provolone.  The sundried tomatoes and pepperocinis added lots of flavor.  I wasn’t blown away by this sandwich but it was simple and delicious.  Can’t complain about that!