Cocktails – White Moon Bar

Mojito - White Moon Bar
Mojito. 220 PHP
White Moon Bar, Manila PHILIPPINES

Ugh, I was disappointed overall at how badly Manila made cocktails. They were either super weak or super sugary. Now I like to drink, so you better make my cocktails right, Mr. Bartender! White Moon Bar fell into the crappy cocktail category. All the cocktails were a little off. The mojito was probably the most drinkable. The malibu pineapple was too sweet and the electric ice tea was ridiculously awful. We had to send that one back. I asked if they could make the lychee martini on the not-so-sweet side, so their solution was so mix in olive juice! Lychee + olive juice, can you imagine?! LOL, that tasted like crap too! Omg, where can I get a decent cocktail?! :/

Malibu pineapple & Electric ice tea - White Moon Bar
Malibu pineapple. 195 PHP
Electric ice tea. 195 PHP

Lychee martini - White Moon Bar
Lychee martini. 210 PHP

White Moon Bar
The bar after sunset.

Huff’s yakitori birthday dinner – Mokutanya

A group of us from work went to this yakitori restaurant to celebrate Huff’s birthday. I’d tell you what age he was turning, but I don’t know that information. Huff is good at keeping a tight lip about his age. Such a girl, lol!

I can’t remember if I’ve ever eaten at a yakitori restaurant where you take your shoes off outside of your table area and step down to sit below the level of the floor. It was kinda cool!

What wasn’t cool was when the host came by and “entertained” our table with some card tricks and a few jokes. It was OK, but it seemed forced and I felt a little uncomfortable, like I was trapped in my below-ground table while he stood above us performing for his captive audience.

The dinner went great and the food was pretty good. Apparently the noodles were really good – I didn’t have any though. I like my work group and dinner always flies by. At the end of dinner, splitting the bill was a headache, again! I think we all expect Papa Chang to take care of the check and let everyone know how much they owe, yay!

Mokutanya, Burlingame CA

Hotate yakitori Mokutanya

Hotate yakitori. Sea scallops grilled with pepper. $4

Spicy kurobuta sausage yakitori Mokutanya

Spicy kurobuta sausage yakitori. Made with Berkshire pork. $2

Chicken kawa yakitori Mokutanya

Kawa yakitori. Chicken skin. $2

Butabara yakitori Mokutanya

Butabara yakitori. Pork belly. $3

Wagyu beef yakitori Mokutanya

Wagyu beef yakitori. $3.50

Croquettes Mokutanya

Croquettes. Deep fried panko-breaded mashed potatoes, served with tonkatsu sauce. $6

Lychee shochu cocktail Mokutanya

Lychee with shochu cocktail. $10 for bottle