Mini lumpia – White Moon Bar

Mini lumpia - White Moon Bar
Deep fried lumpia with pork filling and served with sweet chili sauce. 280 PHP
White Moon Bar, Manila PHILIPPINES

These were actually labeled “spring rolls” on the menu which is totally weird since we’re in the Philippines! I think everyone knows what lumpia is. Anyway, these were super thin so they didn’t have much filling. It was like eating rolled up, fried lumpia wrappers. Lame. And the sweet chili sauce was straight from the bottle.

Boats on Taal Lake
Boats on Taal Lake.

Cocktails – White Moon Bar

Mojito - White Moon Bar
Mojito. 220 PHP
White Moon Bar, Manila PHILIPPINES

Ugh, I was disappointed overall at how badly Manila made cocktails. They were either super weak or super sugary. Now I like to drink, so you better make my cocktails right, Mr. Bartender! White Moon Bar fell into the crappy cocktail category. All the cocktails were a little off. The mojito was probably the most drinkable. The malibu pineapple was too sweet and the electric ice tea was ridiculously awful. We had to send that one back. I asked if they could make the lychee martini on the not-so-sweet side, so their solution was so mix in olive juice! Lychee + olive juice, can you imagine?! LOL, that tasted like crap too! Omg, where can I get a decent cocktail?! :/

Malibu pineapple & Electric ice tea - White Moon Bar
Malibu pineapple. 195 PHP
Electric ice tea. 195 PHP

Lychee martini - White Moon Bar
Lychee martini. 210 PHP

White Moon Bar
The bar after sunset.