Pork and amarillo dumplings – Dragonfly

Pork and amarillo dumplings Dragonfly
Steamed dumplings with citrus mojo. $14
Dragonfly, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Ew, these were gross! The dumpling wrappers were thick, dry and chewy. It was difficult to taste the filling because the wrapper was SO starchy. Thank god for dipping sauces. I’m guessing amarillo refers to some type of yellow chili pepper.

Frozen pina colada

This was a frozen pina colada we had puchased from a stand in the Plaza de Armas right before Rick Santorum and his family paraded through for a campaign rally. It was surreal to see him randomly in Old San Juan!

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum on the campaign trail!

Momo yakimono – Hecho

Project 365: Day 69

Omg, I’m leaving for my trip tonight! We’re taking a red-eye to IAD then connecting to SJU. Puerto Rico here we come!

Momo yakimono Hecho

Grilled chicken thighs with yuzu kosho (usually a condiment of chili pepper, yuzu peel and salt). $5
Hecho, San Francisco

Five dollars for this small skewer – a rip off!

Pozole – San Jalisco

Pozole San Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

Pork soup in a red, homemade spicy sauce complemented with corn hominy. Served with cabbage, radishes, lime wedges, chopped onions, Mexican oregano, and chili peppers on the side. $9.95
San Jalisco, San Francisco

This pozole had great flavor, but I wish it had come out hotter (temperature wise). It was only warm and quickly became luke warm. Not the way you should enjoy pozole! The preparation was rustic which I don’t mind, but Silverfox didn’t like picking around the bones and connective tissue of the pork. I did enjoy the number of accompaniments this came with. You could flavor the soup just the way you like it.

I do have to mention that the service at this restaurant was particular sweet and friendly.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011, 2012

Pozole - San Jalisco
June 27, 2014. $10.95
Looks like the price has gone up!

Szechuan eggplant – Grand Palace Restaurant

Szechuan eggplant Grand Palace Restaurant

Sauteed eggplants with green onions, bamboo shoots, onions, black fungus, ginger and dried chilis in a garlic sauce. To go special $8.00
Grand Palace Restaurant, South San Francisco

Oh how I love eggplant! These were SO good too. I love how they were super saucy and garlicky. I was also surprised how much food they give you for their To Go Special. This didn’t come with any rice so it’s just a huge container of Szechuan eggplants, noms!

Chicken wings – Hog & Rocks

Chicken wings Hog & Rocks

Chile and agave nectar sauce, sprinkled with chives and served with carrots, celery, and ranch.  $5 happy hour
Hog & Rocks, San Francisco

Yet another amazing happy hour value at Hog & Rocks.!  I’m not suer that the chile and agave nectar sauce really stood out though.  It didn’t have a very defined flavor.  In fact, it tasted pretty light and mellow – if that’s possible with chicken wings.  You certainly get a lot of wings for five bucks, but in terms of flavor I don’t think I’ll be ordering these again (and they were cold!).

Azteca roll – Tokyo Go-Go

Azteca roll Tokya Go Go

Spicy crab, cucumber, avocado, gobo, lightly seared suzuki, sliced chiles, chili aioli, tobiko, and scallions.  $14.25
Tokyo Go-Go, San Francisco

Wow, this roll was frickin’ amazing!  I loved the heat from all the spicy components, and it looked pretty cool too.  I thought I would experience Montezuma’s revenge afterward, but I didn’t – hehe!  The lightly seared sea bass tasted great and had a great texture.  The chili aioli was so flavorful and I loved the pale yellow color of it.  The sliced chiles added extra heat and flavor.  Not sure I could really distinguished the gobo (burdock root), but I actually didn’t know what it was when I ordered the roll.  I will definitely order this delicious roll again!

Azteca roll Tokyo Go Go

Chicharrones – 4505 Meats

Chicharrones 4505 Meats

Deep fried pork skins seasoned with chili, sugar and salt.  $3.50
4505 Meats, San Francisco

WOW, these things are SO flavorful and addicting!  I grew up in a traditional Filipino household so I’ve had my share of chicharrones, but these are like none I’ve ever tasted.  They are so light and pillowy and they practically melt in your mouth to form a sticky, caramelly substance that you have to pick out from between your teeth.  Absolutely amazing!  I quickly ate an entire bag in one sitting and could have easily devoured a couple more bags afterward.  I can taste them in my mouth as I write this – they’re THAT good!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010