Breakfast poutine – The Coterie Room

Breakfast poutine - The Coterie Room
Country gravy, fried cheese curd, french fried potato, tender herbs, fried egg. $13
The Coterie Room, Seattle WA

Wow, this was really delicious! All the flavors were great and I loved the addition of the sunny side up egg on top. I wish I could eat this more often, but then I’d have to buy larger clothes. 😉

Experience Music Project Museum
Experience Music Project Museum.

Crawfish and bacon poutine – Fins on the Hoof

Crawfish and bacon poutine - Fins on the Hoof
Fresh cut fries, crawfish and house-cured bacon gravy, cheese curds, peas, spring onions. $10
Fins on the Hoof, San Francisco CA

Omg, this was delicious! The fries were crispy and well-cooked and the toppings were amazing. This had so much flavor and I initially thought that it would be super heavy and gross, but it actually wasn’t! The large fluffy cheese curds along with the peas and scallions helped to break up the fried ingredients and gravy. It was a great well-balanced poutine. I want some more!

Fins on the Hoof

Fins on the Hoof
Fins on the Hoof food truck.

Poutine – Citizen’s Band

Poutine - Citizen's Band
House cut kennebec fries, mushroom gravy, two hour cooked pork belly, cheese curds, and granna padano. $9
Citizen’s Band, San Francisco CA

WOWZA, this poutine was amazing! The crispy pork belly was definitely the star – it reminded me of great fried lechon. With the flavorful gravy, soft cheese curds, and wispy grates of granna padano you can’t go wrong. This dish should definitely replace their mac and cheese on the 7×7 Big Eat List!

Dark red Verbena flowers
Dark red Verbena x hybrida (Verbenaceae) flowers, Castro Street.