Bacon – The Grille at Shadowrock

Bacon - The Grille at Shadowrock
Side $4.75
The Grille at Shadowrock, Sedona AZ

This bacon was thin and on the crispy side which isn’t my favorite. I like my bacon thicker, meaty and juicy. Oh well, I’ll still eat it, hehe!

Vegetable frittata – The Grille at Shadowrock

Vegetable frittata - The Grille at Shadowrock
Farm fresh eggs, spinach, mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, roasted tomatoes, swiss cheese, roasted red pepper sauce. $13.75
The Grille at Shadowrock, Sedona AZ

This frittata was very hearty and pretty yummy. I liked that it was cooked and served in the mini cast iron pan – that was cool.

Toast and jam - The Grille at Shadowrock
Served with toast and jam.

Huevos rancheros – The Grille at Shadowrock

Huevos rancheros - The Grille at Shadowrock
Two over easy eggs, cheddar cheese, crisp corn tortillas, black beans, tomatillo salsa. $12
The Grille at Shadowrock, Sedona AZ


I really liked this breakfast item! It was presented a little bit differently as a stacked dish. It was fun to eat and the tomatillo salsa tasted great with the black beans and crispy tortillas. The eggs were also cooked nicely, still runny and perfect.

Smoked salmon platter – The Grille at Shadowrock

Smoked salmon platter - The Grille at Shadowrock
Bagel, cream cheese, chopped eggs, onion, sliced cucumber, capers. $14.50
The Grille at Shadowrock, Sedona AZ

This was obviously pre-prepared so it wasn’t all that fresh, and they didn’t provide enough mini bagels and cream cheese for the amount of everything else. I did like the plentiful amount of food for the price.