Crispy brussels sprout chips – The Cavalier

Crispy brussels sprout chips - The Cavalier
Vadouvan and lemon zest. Happy hour $5
The Cavalier, San Francisco CA

I’ve had this dish a few times at Marlowe, and I’ve always liked the flavors but this batch at The Cavalier was super greasy. I could only eat a few before the brussels sprouts cooled down and became even more greasy. At that point, they were inedible which was a shame. #fail


Crispy coronation chicken sandwich – The Cavalier

Crispy coronation chicken sandwich - The Cavalier
Spiced curry aioli, gem lettuce and coriander sprouts, served with salad of seasonal greens. $15
The Cavalier, San Francisco CA

This sandwich was pretty good, but I was so appalled by the horrible service that I could not enjoy my lunch. I literally ate about half of this sandwich and left. Bad service doesn’t deserve a return visit. Way to go, Cavalier! 😦

Arnold Palmer - The Cavalier
Arnold Palmer.

Quail eggs mayonnaise – The Cavalier

Quail eggs mayonnaise - The Cavalier
Celery salt and crispy shallot. Each $2
The Cavalier, San Francisco CA

Sorry for being away again. I’ll be on the East Coast for a few months for work and it’s been hectic getting set up. Thanks for your patience!

These quail eggs were really fun and delicious! They were delicately prepared and the celery salt and crispy shallots were great garnishes. I loved them. Noms!

Graffiti artwork, The Mission
Graffiti artwork, The Mission.

Lamb scrumpets – The Cavalier

Lamb scrumpets - The Cavalier
Pickled mint and chile. $15
The Cavalier, San Francisco CA

I wasn’t sure what I was gonna get when I ordered these lamb scrumpets. I thought maybe it would be similar to a pasty or something. They ended up being breaded and fried lamb riblets, and they were AMAZING! They were tender, flavorful, and perfectly fried. The accompanying mint and chile sauce was great too. NOMS!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

Pimm's Cup cocktail - The Cavalier
Pimm’s Cup: City of London gin, Pimm’s No. 1, cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger beer. $11