Grilled pork sandwich – Pho Big Bowl

Grilled pork sandwich - Pho Big Bowl
Banh mi thit heo nuong. French bread with grilled pork, cucumber, mayonnaise, pickled daikon and carrots, jalapeno, and cilantro. $4.85
Pho Big Bowl, Seattle WA

This was a pretty sizeable sandwich for costing less than five bucks! That’s why I love banh mi’s, they tend to be delicious and a great value. The pork on this sandwich was tender and flavorful.

Seattle Cloud Cover glass bridge
Seattle Cloud Cover glass bridge, Teresita Fernandez, Olympic Sulpture Park.

Noodle soup #10 – Pho Big Bowl

Noodle soup #10 - Pho Big Bowl
Pho tai chin nam. Eye round steak, brisket and well-done flank, served with thai basil, bean sprouts, jalapeno and lemon. Medium $5.75
Pho Big Bowl, Seattle WA

Soup additions - Pho Big Bowl
There’s something very comforting about pho. The rich beef broth is usually so flavorful and completely warms your body. Mix in a little heat, sour, and umami and you have a winning combination! Mmm.

Seattle rain aftermath
Seattle rain aftermath, Ballard.

Shrimp spring rolls – Pho Big Bowl

Shrimp spring rolls - Pho Big Bowl

Goi cuon tom. Shrimp, rice noodle and veggies. $4.85
Pho Big Bowl, Seattle WA

Decent shrimp spring rolls. What I was struck by was the thick consistency of their peanut sauce. I’ve never had one so thick! It still tasted good though.

Typewriter Eraser, Scale X
Typewriter Eraser, Scale X, model 1998, fabricated 199, stainless steel and fiberglass painted with acrylic urethane, Claes Oldenburg, Olympic Sculpture Park.