Short rib hash – Hilltop 1892

Short rib hash - Hilltop 1892
Two eggs, roasted red pepper coulis, arugula. $13
Hilltop 1892, Novato CA

This dish was such a disappointment! I asked for my eggs to be cooked “a runny over-medium”. Another person also asked for their eggs to be runny. What I received was FRIED eggs! They weren’t even cooked over-hard – they were completely FRIED. The other guy also got rockhard fried eggs. I would have appreciated runny eggs with this dish because the short rib hash underneath was stringy and dried out. There really was no saving this dish. LAME!

Pink rock purslane flower
Pink rock purslane flower (Calandrinia spectabilis, Portulacaceae), Kentfield.

Mimosa – Hilltop 1892

Mimosa - Hilltop 1892

Kenwood sparkling wine, fresh squeezed orange juice. $8
Hilltop 1892, Novato CA

The views from this restaurant are pretty nice! It’s a great place to have a relaxing weekend brunch. The service seems pretty friendly, but the food needed a little improvement.

Orange cactus flower
Orange cactus flower (Rebutia sp., Cactaceae), Kentfield.