Short rib hash – Hilltop 1892

Short rib hash - Hilltop 1892
Two eggs, roasted red pepper coulis, arugula. $13
Hilltop 1892, Novato CA

This dish was such a disappointment! I asked for my eggs to be cooked “a runny over-medium”. Another person also asked for their eggs to be runny. What I received was FRIED eggs! They weren’t even cooked over-hard – they were completely FRIED. The other guy also got rockhard fried eggs. I would have appreciated runny eggs with this dish because the short rib hash underneath was stringy and dried out. There really was no saving this dish. LAME!

Pink rock purslane flower
Pink rock purslane flower (Calandrinia spectabilis, Portulacaceae), Kentfield.

7 thoughts on “Short rib hash – Hilltop 1892

      • I love my eggs “Over Hard”; but only when they’re done right! It’s difficult to do an “Over Hard” just right, and takes a practiced chef. But when it’s good, its’ great!!
        When I’m dubious on possible quality of the chef, I always go with Over Easy, scrambled, or Sunny Side Up.

        • But in the same vein, it’s a quick and good indicator of the kitchen’s abilities when you’re unfamiliar with the restaurant. I don’t have much patience for botched eggs and usually don’t return.

          • You’re so right! I’m the same way! If the chef doesn’t know what “Over Hard” is, that’s ok. But they should ask the waiter to return to me with the options the chef does know – I can pick something else.

      • Thanks! I had a very ‘Vittle Monster’ breakfast last week at a new cafe nearby, two ‘sunny side up’ eggs over hash brownies. I’d overheard other customers rave about them on earlier visits so I gave them a go. Full of flavour, it was a recipe that came directly from an American chef. I think you might have approved. πŸ˜‰

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