Rosemary grilled California leg of lamb – Fable

Rosemary grilled California leg of lamb - Fable
Crushed yukon potato cake, vegetable medley, Castronovo green olive relish. $20
Fable, San Francisco CA

This lamb was beautifully cooked and tasted delicious. The potato cake was a great starchy accompaniment and I loved the green olive relish, noms!

Ithuriel's spear flowers
Ithuriel’s spear flowers (Triteleia laxa, Asparagaceae), Potrero Hill.

Dijon crusted braised pork cheeks – Fable

Dijon crusted braised pork cheeks - Fable
Lacinato kale, apple, crispy shallots, cider vinaigrette. $13
Fable, San Francisco CA

This isn’t what I expected, but I really loved this dish! When I read “braised pork cheeks” on the menu, I assumed it was going to be wet and saucy. These cheeks were probably braised first, them coated in mustard and bread crumbs and sauteed. They were delicious and the accompanying kale salad was the perfect match. Noms!

Grande Cuvee Brut - Fable

Sparkling wine, Grande Cuvee Brut, Torley, NV (Hungary), chardonnary, pinot noir, riesling. Glass $9
Clean and crisp, with a subtle almond and green apple flavor.

Spotted pink Pelargonium flowers
Spotted pink Pelargonium flowers (Geraniaceae), Castro.

Grilled jumbo California artichoke – Fable

Grilled jumbo California artichoke - Fable
Marinated, zesty lemon vinaigrette, aioli, smoked bacon herbed bread crumbs. $12
Fable, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love artichokes! This dish was very tasty and the bacon herbed bread crumbs were fabulous. It took a while to eat through all the leaves, but we enjoyed savoring each one!

Bread and butter - Fable
Bread and butter with pink sea salt. Complimentary
Gotta love warm bread for the table!

Orange orchid flowers
Orange orchid flowers (Orchidaceae), Upper Market.