Smoked salmon frittata – La Boulange de Noe

Project 365: Day 15

These days before my birthday weekend are DRAGGING by! It’s painful, hehe.

Omg! Hubbs and I booked our flights to Dublin and London last night! I’m SO excited. We’re meeting Kryan and D-Dubbs in Ireland to celebrate Kry’s birthday, then heading to London to visit our friend D. Did I mention how excited it am?!?! The airfare did cost a pretty penny so I’m feeling a bit poor right now. Not the way to be when you have dinner at Benu coming up. Lol! So I’m gonna have a pretty busy Spring in terms of travel. I have a Caribbean cruise, a Europe trip, Las Vegas trip, and a possible trip to Ohio for a friend’s birthday. This is the most I’ll be travelling in a while! Heck yeah!

Smoked salmon quiche La Boulange de Noe

Egg frittata with asparagus, potatoes and tomatoes with smoked salmon and lemon wedge on top. Served with creme fraiche, mixed greens and toast. $6.75
La Boulange de Noe, San Francisco

I stopped by La Boulange on the way home from the gym this morning and ordered what I thought was going to be a small snack because I was starving yet again. It ended up being an entire plate of food which I couldn’t finish. Gotta love breakfast at La Boulange though! The food is consistently good and super cheap. You get all this for $6.75! The frittata was a little overdone but it still tasted great. It was filled with lots of vegetables and topped with plenty of smoked salmon. The salad was good but overdressed.

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