1/4 dark chicken – King Pollo

1/4 dark chicken - King Pollo
Served with beans & rice, green beans. $5.99
King Pollo, Sterling VA

This chicken was good. I liked the flavors, but it was a little on the dry side. The sides were also decent. You certainly got a lot of food for the price, though!

Ceviche sampler – Fresca

Ceviche sampler - Fresca
Ceviche clasico, ceviche chifa, ceviche alianza lima, ceviche barranco, tiradito nikkei, tiradito pucusana. $38
Fresca, San Francisco CA

Yum! I loved trying all the different ceviches, and each one was unique with a completely different flavor profile. For someone who likes trying a bit of everything, this sampler was perfect!