Lasagna – Napoletano’s Pantheon

Lasagna - Napoletano's Pantheon
Baked lasagne with minced beef, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese. €11
Napoletano’s Pantheon, Rome ITALY

Just like mama used to make! Ok, my mom never made me lasagna growing up, but if she did I would hope that it tasted like this one! This tasted great – it was hot, gooey from the cheese and the meat sauce was delicious. A total winner!

Spring vegetable ravioli – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Spring vegetable ravioli - Hearth Coffee Roasters
House-made ricotta, sugar snap peas, and pecorino romano cheese. Prix fixe dinner $29.50
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

I don’t usually enjoy vegetarian/vegan entrees, but this pasta dish was delicious! I loved the slightly cooked peas and cauliflower, and the ravioli were cooked perfectly. Noms!