Cocktails – The Bar at Husk

Swizzle cocktail - The Bar at Husk

Swizzle – The drink of choice at the world’s first cocktail party in London circa 1924. Cruzan light rum falernum, lime juice, and bitters “swizzled” over hand chipped ice. $8

Lil' Bit cocktail - The Bar at Husk

Lil’ Bit – A lil’ of this and a lil’ of that go a long way. Johnny Drum bourbon, Jack Rudy, orange juice, grapefruit bitters, lemon and lime. $13
The Bar at Husk, Charleston SC

The Swizzle was OK. I wasn’t crazy about the taste and was SO disappointed that the “chipped ice” became full on ice cubes. I’ve never had a swizzle cocktail that didn’t have at least crushed ice. I liked the Lil’ Bit cocktail better. It had a bolder flavor and went down smoothly.

Ripley Point Marina
Ripley Point Marina. On my third trip to Charleston, I stayed at a hotel in Ripley Point with a great view of the Ashley River and this marina.

Cocktails – Do Brazil

Sea breeze Do Brazil

Sea breeze – vodka, cranberry, grapefruit. €12

Sea breeze Do Brazil

Mojito – rum, sugar, lime, fresh mint, club soda. €12
Do Brazil, Gustavia, SAINT BARTHELEMY

Omg, I love St. Barths! This island was SO relaxing (and expensive). Of course, we had to celebrate our arrival to this amazing island with delicious cocktails. I had the sea breeze during lunch upstairs in the restaurant and the mojito at our lounge chairs on the beach.

Shell Beach Gustavia
Looking down towards Shell Beach from Fort Karl. Do Brazil Restaurant is directly behind the row of chairs. I walked up the hill while everyone stayed behind to sun. They’re relaxing under the first set of umbrellas from the right. The water was super clear and fairly warm despite the occasional rain shower. I wanna go back!

Grapefruit and espelette dessert – Benu

Grapefruit and espelette dessert Benu

With white chocolate. Pre fixe dinner $180
Benu, San Francisco

This was a very fun dessert! I loved the flavor combination and textures. The grapefruit was fresh, the white chocolate sweet, and the espelette peppers nice and spicy. You can see a red dollop of the espelette on top, but there was also a layer of it on the very bottom. A nice surprise! I don’t know if you could call this an ice cream. It looked like it was frozen with liquid nitrogen or something, resulting in an airy crystallized texture. Like I said, very fun!

Grapefruit and espelette dessert Benu

Green papaya salad – Betelnut Restaurant

Green papaya salad Betelnut Restaurant

With shrimp, grapefruit, herbs, and “nuoc cham”, topped with chopped peanuts. $9.95
Betelnut Restaurant, San Francisco

Nuoc cham is a Vietnamese sauce usually made with chilies, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. It’s salty-sweet and so yummy. This green papaya salad was good, but I think it was too watery. I loved the addtional of grapefruit though.

Mimosas – Zazie

Mimosas Zazie

La Groseille mimosa with black currant (front). $8
Corsica mimosa with fresh grapefruit juice (back). $8
Zazie, San Francisco

It seems silly to pay $8 for a glass of champagne with some juice added, but the mimosas at Zazie are super yummy!  I really liked the La Groseille.  The black currant was SO refreshing!

Coffee Zazie

Zazie’s organic specialty coffee. $2.95

Cocktails – Beretta

Nuestra Paloma Beretta

Nuestra Paloma – tequila, elderflower, cointreau, grapefruit, bitters. $10

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010

Dolores Park Swizzle Beretta

Dolores Park Swizzle – rhum, lime, maraschino, absinthe, bitters, garnished with mint. $9

Airmail Beretta

Airmail – rum, honey, lime, prosecco. $9
Beretta, San Francisco

If I had to rank these 3 cocktails from best to OK, I would say Nuestra Paloma, Airmail, then Dolores Park Swizzle.  The Nuestra Paloma had a great, distinct flavor combination.  I personally love tequila, and the addition of the other ingredients made for a wonderfully bright (and strong) drink.  The Airmail was good and very drinkable.  It didn’t taste particularly special though.  I didn’t enjoy the flavors int he Dolores Park Swizzle.  The cocktail was beautiful, but there was something in it that turned me off.  Perhpas it was the addition of absinthe.  I must say that I’m always impressed by the bartenders at Beretta for their cocktail making abilities, and almost all of their speciality cocktails are DELICIOUS!  During my last visit, though, our first drinks didn’t arrive at our table until our second dish was out.  Now that’s kind of inexcusable – sorry!

Cocktails – Bar Agricole

Brown Derby Bar Agricole
Brown Derby: bourbon, grapefruit, lemon, honey and bitters.  $10

Tequila Cocktail Bar Agricole
Tequila Cocktail: tequila, sweet vermouth, stonefruit bitters and orange.  $10

Brandy Scaffa Bar Agricole
Brandy Scaffa: brandy, maraschino, raspberry, chartreuse bitters.  $10
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

These signature cocktails were absolutely delicious, although on the small side.  So at $10 a pop, these are definitely drinks to sip and savor.  I love the large (hand cut?) ice cube in the Tequila Cocktail.  These always increase the classy factor.  In order of taste preference, I would re-order the Brown Derby, Tequila Cocktail, then the Brandy Scaffa.  The Brown Derby wasn’t too heavy tasting and you could taste the citrus and honey flavors.  The Tequila Cocktail went down really easy – danger, danger!  The Brandy Scaffa was a little too dark and heavy tasting for me.  Bar Agricole has a nice, long list of house cocktails so there’s something for everyone.  Yes please!