Chicharron – Padrecito

Chicharron - Padrecito
Crispy pork skin and fava bean-pepita “sikil pak”. $10
Padrecito, San Francisco CA

Wow, these were the BEST chincharrones I’ve had in a long time! They arrived at the table straight from the fryer so they were still crackling and lively. The pork skins were SO light and airy and perfect. The sikil pak dip was new to me. It had a great flavor and texture and I loved the sunflower seeds.

Saints Peter and Paul Church
Saints Peter and Paul Church, North Beach.

Georges Bank sea scallops “confit” – The French Laundry

Fava beans, piquillo peppers, braised pine nuts and serrano ham vinaigrette. Chef’s Tasting Menu $270
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

Hmm, compared to the rest of the meal this was probably one of my less(er) favorites. There was an unpleasant bitterness from the combination of pine nuts, scallop, and vinaigrette. It didn’t all taste bad, but it was too sharp on my palate. The scallop was super soft and tender though!

Albacore crudo – Reform Club

Albacore crudo Reform Club

Served with fava, mint, strawberry, aged balsamic, and garnished with wildflowers. $40 for 4-course dinner.
Reform Club @ Specchio, San Francisco

We went to this weekly pop-up held at Specchio Restaurant in the Mission. It was $40 for four courses with a $25 drink supplement, and the menu changes every week! Overall, I enjoyed the meal partly because we were there as part of a great food club. This albacore crudo was SO good! It was such a small portion though, and this seemed to be a theme throughout the courses. I must say that I was still hungry afterward. But back to the albacore, hehe. It looked beautiful (loved the wildflowers) and all the flavors worked great together. Would’ve never thought that fava, mint, strawberries and balsamic would taste that amazing together!