“How Da Ya’ Do” cosmo – Roy’s

How Da Ya' Do cosmo - Roy's

Sobieski orange vodka, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice. $10
Roy’s, Waikoloa HI

We ended up at Roy’s because another restaurant that we wanted to go to was closed. I wasn’t too excited for Roy’s because I’d already been to the San Francisco and Seattle branches, but we were with a group so I didn’t want to make a fuss. Everything was just ok. Our group was pretty vocal and readily drunk so we still had a blast, lol.

Orchid table decoration
Orchid table decoration.

Pololu Valley sign

Pololu Valley sign.

Pre-flight snacks – Red Carpet Club

Pre-flight snacks - Red Carpet Club
Cape cod vodka cocktails, Chex mix, Tillamook cheeses, Pepperidge Farm crackers. Complimentary
Red Carpet Club, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

I’m so glad when I fly on United with David cause then we can relax at the Red Carpet Club before boarding and enjoy free cocktails and snacks. Yay!

Flying brain sticker
Flying brain sticker on an elevator door at the airport.

Cape cod cocktail – Lone Palm

Cape cod cocktail - Lone Palm

Vodka with soda and a splash of cranberry juice.
Lone Palm, San Francisco CA

This place has got to be one of the most random neighborhood bars I’ve ever been to, and that’s a good thing! There’s a single palm tree in front of it, and the interior is decorated in a cheesy (awesome) art deco style. Seems like a perfect bar to me!

Vacant Market liquor store, 17th Street

Vacant Market liquor store, 17th Street. I was walking down to the Castro Muni Station one morning and thought the lighting with the fog looked cool.

Cosmopolitan cocktail – Wang’s in the Desert

Cosmopolitan cocktail - Wang's in the Desert

42 Below vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, citrus. Happy hour $5
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

Nothing beats a good ole happy hour on a warm desert afternoon. Apparently, Wang’s is the place to be on Fridays!

Empty cocktail glasses, Wang's in the Desert
Happy hour damage. Ok, maybe we drink too much, lol!

Windmills along Highway 10
Windmills along Highway 10.

Cape Cod cocktail – 17 North Roadside Kitchen

Cape Cod cocktail - 17 North Roadside Kitchen
Vodka and cranberry juice with lime wedge. Arrived here during happy hour and took advantage of their drink specials. This place came highly recommended and we had a great time, but it’s randomly located. I’m just glad that I wasn’t driving when we tried to find the place.
17 North Roadside Kitchen, Mount Pleasant SC

Cocktails – Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Ruby Celebration martini Roux Louisiana Kitchen
Ruby Celebration martini – Absolut ruby red vodka, cranberry juice, splash of champagne, garnished with lemon wedge. $12

Creole Bloody Mary Roux Louisiana Kitchen
Creole Bloody Mary – Karlsson’s Gold vodka, Roux’s Cajun Bloody Mary mix, garnished with olives and lemon wedge. $14

Creole Bloody Mary Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Roux Louisiana Kitchen, San Jose CA

These cocktails were weak! The martini tasted ok, but the bloody mary was not at all spicy. Lame restaurant, lame drinks!

The Pattern by Isaac Goes
The Pattern by Isaac Goes, San Jose “Downtown Doors” Project. I like that San Jose has this public art project showcasing works from local artist.