Rose Kennedy cocktails – The Tropicale

Project 365: Day 91

Ugh, I’m SO tired of fried food right now (I didn’t think I’d ever say that, lol)! I decided to hit Subway for lunch instead of going to a local fast food restaurant. There are no healthy options for lunch nearby my Charleston work location. Perhaps there are some further away, but I only have so much time during lunchtime to drive somewhere and get food. For dinner, I had leftovers from last night. The one thing that is saving this trip is that the weather is really nice. That’s keeping me motivated to work out.

Rose Kennedy cocktail The Tropicale
Vodka with soda and a splash of cranberry. Happy hour $4 each
The Tropicale, Palm Springs CA

This was the trip that we learned that these cocktails were called Rose Kennedy’s. We had been ordering them as “vodka soda with a splash of cran”, silly us! đŸ™‚

Rose Kennedy coctail - The Tropicale

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