Baked bbq pork bun – Tung Sing Restaurant

Project 365: Day 82

It still feels weird to be back to work and not on a warm sunny cruise ship. I’m stressing out already because I just found out that I have to go to Charleston for 2 weeks in both April and June to teach a course. ARGH! I leave in a week and haven’t received much information on the course and logistics. Oh well, gotta make it work! This means that between all my other travel, I’ll only be at the office for 2 days in April. That’s realy weird for me!

Baked bbq pork bun Tung Sing Restaurant

I love bbq pork buns and while this one was quite large, the meat to bun ratio was not what I wanted. It had SO much bun and not enough yummy bbg pork. $1.95
Tung Sing Restaurant, San Francisco

Baked bbq pork bun Tung Sing Restaurant

General Tso’s chicken – Tung Sing Restaurant

Project 365: Day 8

I was walking home from the gym and was SO frickin’ hungry! Actually, I was hungry the entire afternoon. I think I’ve been working out too much and not eating enough calories, which is surprising since I eat like a pig! That’s why I ducked into Tung Sing on the way home and grabbed a small order of General Tso’s chicken and a BBQ pork baked bun.

Now it’s time to do some laundry, clean my room, and pack for a road trip to Palm Springs with Silverfox! We leave early tomorrow morning and I can’t wait! It’ll be nice to be in warmer weather and do absolutely nothing. Just a lot of relaxing and drinking poolside. Ahhhh!

General Tso's chicken Tung Sing Restaurant

Breaded and deep fried chicken pieces in a special garlicky sauce with chopped onions and green bell peppers. Small $2.99
Tung Sing Restaurant, San Francisco

I was actually disappointed by this dish – a bit of a surprise considering how much I love General Tso’s chicken. I liked that it was super saucy, sticky and sweet but I think the quality of the food has gone downhill at Tung Sing. Even the pork bun was blah. I’ll admit that it helped ease my hungry, but I wish the chicken wasn’t so hard and over fried.