Tamales oaxaquenos – Taqueria Nueve

Tamales oaxaquenos - Taqueria Nueve
Masa steamed in banana leaves with mole negro, crispy duck confit and crema. $13
Taqueria Nueve, Portland OR

Mmm, this was SO good! I love the texture and flavor of the masa, and the duck confit was delicious! I also loved the presentation with the unwrapped banana leaves and sprinkling of greens.

Tacos – Taqueria Nueve

Tacos - Taqueria Nueve
Carne asada: grilled beef sirloin steak. $3.75
Pollo asado: grilled chicken with chile marinade. $3.25
On a house made corn tortilla with cilantro and onion.
Taqueria Nueve, Portland OR

These tacos were very good and the meats were flavorful and tender. I also loved the house made tortillas. That always makes a difference. The accompanying salsas and pickles were a nice touch.

Pickled vegetables and salsas - Taqueria Nueve
Pickled vegetables and salsas.

Ceviche – Taqueria Nueve

Ceviche - Taqueria Nueve
Lime-marinated seafood of the day with tomato, onion and cilantro. $4.75
Taqueria Nueve, Portland OR

This was really delicious and fresh tasting. I liked that they served it on a tostada for some added crunch. It was on the small side but then again it cost less than five bucks so I can’t complain.

Chihuahua cocktail - Taqueria Nueve
Chihuahua: Olmeca altos blanco, fresh grapefruit, St. Germain. $8