Bolognese – Pasta Pomodoro

Bolognese - Pasta Pomodoro
Rich beef, pork and porcini mushroom sauce tossed with rigatoni, topped with shaved pecorino. Lunch epxress with casesar salad $5.50
Pasta Pomodoro, San Francisco CA

I don’t know why, but the pasta at Pasta Pomodoro is always super comforting. Maybe that’s just the power of pasta, but I don’t think so. For a local chain restaurant, Pasta Pomodoro definitely presents a very tasty product!

Grilled focaccia - Pasta Pomodoro
Grilled focaccia with pesto and olive oil. Complimentary
SO good!

Green Muni streetcar
Green Muni streetcar, Market Street.

Bruschetta – Pasta Pomodoro

Bruschetta - Pasta Pomodoro
Grilled rustic bread with tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and salsa verde. Small $5.50
Pasta Pomodoro, San Francisco CA

I really like the bruschetta at Pasta Pomodoro. It’s simple, fresh tasting and has lots of flavor! It’s also reasonably priced and easy to share.

Diet Coke - Pasta Pomodoro

Diet Coke. $2.75

Crawling snail
Crawling snail in the early morning, Jersey Street.