Szeged goulash – Paprika

Szeged goulash - Paprika
Pork with sauerkraut and cream, served with gnocchi. $14.50
Paprika, San Francisco CA

I can’t say I’ve eaten much goulash in my life, but this was delicious and SO comforting! All the food at this restaurant would be great on a cold day to perk up your spirit and soul. The pork was tender and the sauce had so much flavor. The gnocchi were soft and pillowy and great for sopping up more of the tasty sauce. Noms!

Beer - Paprika
Staropramen Lager. The well balanced, full bodied, highly drinkable and pleasantly smooth taste of our Premium Lager offers a rewarding pleasure of the Czech beer. $6
Weihenstephan Hefe. A brewery licensed by the City of Freising in 1040 and has a credible claim to being the oldest working brewery in the world, nothing refreshes you more than this naturally cloudy wheat beer with its wonderful yeasty fragrance and taste. $6.50

I’m really not sure how to review beer. I generally just decide if its drinkable for me or not. These were pretty good and I love the large glasses they were served in. 🙂

San Francisco
San Francisco wakes up.

Mixed sausages plate – Paprika

Mixed sausages plate - Paprika
Grilled Hungarian sweet sausage and Swiss bockwurst with mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, onions, cornichons, sauerkraut, and condiments. $13.50
Paprika, San Francisco CA

This was a really fun and delicious plate! I enjoyed both of the sausages and I liked how they were scored along their lengths and split on the ends. The added texture allowed for more grill marks on their surfaces which I loved. The mashed potatoes were good and I loved their Eastern European style gravy. It had lots of flavor. The accompaniments made it really fun to eat and to mixed and match all the different flavors. Noms!

Walkway with columns

Walkway with columns, California Palace of the Legion of Honor.