Lori’s signature burger – Lori’s Diner

Lori's signature burger - Lori's Diner
1/3 pound burger topped with bacon, balsamic caramelized onions, and Swiss cheese. Served with sweet potato fries. $13.95
Lori’s Diner, San Francisco CA

This burger was a mess, and not in a good way. They definitely over-stuff this burger and the flimsy bun just can’t handle it so the burger quickly disintegrates. It’s not fun to have to eat a burger with a fork. #fail

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich – Lori’s Diner

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich Lori's Diner
Served with French fries and a pickle. $8.95
Lori’s Diner, San Francisco (SFO)

Ew, this was so gross and greasy! They even grill the ham before sticking it into the sandwich so it stains the cheese with a dark layer of grease. The French fries were ok, but you really didn’t want to eat to many of them since the grilled cheese sandwich as SO heavy and salty.