Champ burger meal – Jollibee

Champ burger - Jollibee
1/3 pound beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, ketchup and mayo. Served with French fries and soft drink. 145 PHP
Jollibee, Manila PHILIPPINES

This burger tasted pretty similar to those in the States. I’ve found that sometimes hamburgers can taste drastically different depending on the country and the local ingredients used. This was one was decent and hearty enough. The French fries were pretty tasty too!

French fries - Jollibee
French fries.

Diet Coke - Jollibee
Diet Coke.

Malacanan Palace
Malacanan Palace.

2 pcs fried chicken meal – Jollibee

2 pcs fried chicken meal - Jollibee
Served with rice and gravy. 120 PHP
Jollibee, Manila PHILIPPINES

I think the counter person liked me because not only did I get a notepad (nobody else seemed to be getting one), but he also gave me two large pieces of chicken instead of just the thigh and leg pictured on the menu. Score, lol! The fried chicken at Jollibee is pretty tasty especially dipped into gravy. Mmm.

Plaza San Luis Complex
Plaza San Luis Complex, Intramuros.

Spaghetti – Jollibee

Spaghetti - Jollibee
Sweet style meat sauce with ham, sausage, and ground beef served over noodles and topped with cheese. Side 50 PHP
Jollibee, Manila PHILIPPINES

Mmm, I don’t think most Americans have ever tasted Filipino style spaghetti, but it’s the best! I love the sweet meaty sauce, and it’s super addictive. I could eat a huge plate of this and still go back for more. NOMS!

Valentine's notepad - Jollibee
Valentine’s notepad meal freebie. This was the first time I’ve ever received a notepad with a fast food meal. Lol!

Fancy jeepney
Fancy jeepney, Intramuros.