Steak enchiladas – Iron Cactus

Red chile sauce with hints of chipotle and chocolate, served with Mexican rice and refried beans. $9.99
Iron Cactus, San Antonio TX

This tasted ok, but everything was pretty dry even with all the sauces and cheese on top. What is wrong with this place?! No thank you.

Pollo relleno – Iron Cactus

Pollo relleno - Iron Cactus
Chicken breast stuffed with Iron Cactus corn bread and cheddar cheese, topped with jalapeño cream sauce. Served with Mexican rice and garlic herb broccoli. $9.99
Iron Cactus, San Antonio TX

Ugh, this was gross. It was super rich but somehow really bland at the same time. I didn’t like anything about this plate.

Stash IPA beer - Iron Cactus
Stash IPA. $6