Contralto cheese – Aster

Contralto cheese - Aster
Summer preserves, nasturtium, rye and poppy crisp. Four course menu $59
Aster, San Francisco CA

Now this was just sad! It was wedge of dry(ish) cheese accompanied by a dry nasturtium leaf (which I don’t even know if it’s edible like the flowers) and a dry cracker. Are you kidding me right now?


Beets – Aster

Beets - Aster
Pomegranate, pistachio, cultured cream, arugula. Four course menu $59
Aster, San Francisco CA

I was expecting more from this. It was kinda boring and didn’t feel as refined as it could have been. Perhaps it was the sad, wilted arugula that put me off.

Sourdough bread - Aster
Sourdough with house cultured butter. $5
I’m always a little annoyed when you have to pay for bread, but this bread was SO good!