Roasted duck banh mi sandwich – DragonEats

Roasted duck banh mi sandwich - DragonEats
Sweet and sour sauce, pickled daikon, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño. $7
DragonEats, San Francisco CA

This sandwich wasn’t very big and there wasn’t much fillings either, but the duck did taste pretty damn good! Yummy!


Chicken sisig with steamed rice – Senor Sisig

Chicken sisig with steamed rice - Senor Sisig
Topped with fried egg, onions, jalapenos, side of achara. $10.75
Senor Sisig, San Francisco CA

The chicken sisig is a healthier option than the pork, and this was very tasty! I have to get the fried egg for extra to make this meal a bit more hearty for lunch.

Porchetta sandwich – Roli Roti

Porchetta sandwich - Roli Roti
Slow rotisserie roasted pork with house made onion marmalade, fresh arugula, herbed sea salt and served on an Acme Bakery roll. $10.50
Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie, San Francisco CA

I really love this porchetta sandwich! I can’t eat it very often because the porchetta is super fatty, but that just means it’s that much more flavorful. Noms!

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