Pad eggplant – Siam Saigon

Project 365: Day 46

It’s a long 3-day weekend for me and I don’t feel motivated to really do much. I haven’t just relaxed at home for a while and I’m enjoying it. I did have to go into work for a couple hours of OT but that wasn’t too bad. Besides that I’ve just been going to the gym, catching up on DVR, cleaning, cooking, and playing games on my iPhone. I think that’s some quality relaxation time if you ask me!

Pad eggplant Siam Saigon

Sliced chicken breast, eggplant, basil, bell peppers, and bamboo shoots in a mild curry sauce. $9
Siam Saigon, San Francisco

This is a new one for me. Siam Saigon serves both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, nice! I was on my way to the Mission Safeway and I was starving so I ducked into this place because I had never noticed it before. I think it’s new. It’s a small space but the service is friendly and efficient (when they’re paying attention). This dish was pretty good. I liked the large slices of tender chicken, and all the vegetables were also large and chunky. The curry sauce seemed too timid at first, but after a few more bites the flavor came through.


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