Beef machaca – Taqueria Tlaquepaque

Beef machaca Taqueria Tlaquepaque
Scrambled eggs with shredded beef, refried beans with queso fresco, Mexican rice, and side salad.
Taqueria Tlaquepaque, Palm Springs CA

I really loved how rustic this dish was. You can’t get much simpler than scrambled eggs with shredded beef mixed in. They must have seasoned the beef with something prior to mixing it in with the eggs because it had such a great flavor! I will definitely come back and try more of their authentic dishes. I’ve had much fancier machacas (Nopalito’s in San Francisco for instance), but I like the simplicity of this preparation.

Margarita Taqueria Tlaquepaque
And brunch wouldn’t be complete without a Grande Margarita! Oh boy, this one was a doozy. It had a weird taste, and I was literally out for the next 3 hours.

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