Guava and cheese pastry – The Bun Shop

Guava and cheese pastry - The Bun Shop
Cuban pastry with guava jam and lemon cream cheese. $3.25
The Bun Shop, Baltimore MD

Hmm, I didn’t like this very much. I think the flavors were fine, but the pastry was limp and lifeless. The dough and filling were both soft so it almost ate like mush. Perhaps it was an old pastry that had been sitting around a while?

Fresh fruit salad – Laduree

Fresh fruit salad - Laduree
Pineapple, mango, orange, guava, passion fruit, kiwi, raspberry, strawberry, mint, grapefruit. £6.80
Laduree, London ENGLAND

This was a pretty fancy bowl of fruit! I was very impressed at how many different fruits they included. I was on vacation so that’s why I could justify spending that much on fruit salad, hehe! 🙂

Covent Garden Market
Covent Garden Market. You can spend plenty of time looking through the shops and searching for food at this popular tourist destination.