Bourbon ice cream – The Trellis Restaurant

Bourbon ice cream - The Trellis Restaurant
The Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

Mmm, I love ice cream. And a single scoop I usually all I need to satisfy me. I liked the light-ish texture of this ice cream but I wish the bourbon flavor had just a bit more punch.

Horse drawn carriage
Horse drawn carriage.

Death by Chocolate torte – The Trellis Restaurant

Death by Chocolate torte - The Trellis Restaurant
Seven layer chocolate torte with a hand-rolled white chocolate truffle, chocolate ice cream and dark chocolate sauce. $10.95
The Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

Wow, talk about a decadent dessert! I liked everything about this torte except for the white chocolate truffle. I’m just not a big fan of white chocolate. Suffice it to say that we couldn’t finish this humongous slice. Noms!

Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse
Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse.

John’s Island Carolina stew – The Trellis Restaurant

John's Island Carolina stew - The Trellis Restaurant
Roasted turkey, shrimp, mussels, clams, cannellini beans, tomatoes, corn and lima beans. Served with grits and cornbread. $12.95
The Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

This was a super-hearty dish and it had a very nice rich and well-develop flavor. I also loved the grits. They give you a very healthy portion, and I couldn’t finish it because I wanted to save room for dessert. That and I was drinking the rest of my calories, hehe!

Bloody Mary cocktail - The Trellis Restaurant
Traditional Bloody Mary: house-made bloody mary mix. $7

Governor's Palace
Governor’s Palace.