Chicken pot pie – The Grove

Chicken pot pie - The Grove
House-roasted chicken breast, carrots, peas, topped with savory oregano pastry crust. $12.50
The Grove, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was tasty and comforting! I just wish that the bottom also had pastry crust because that’s some of the most delicious parts of a chicken pot pie – the broth soaked, buttery crust on the bottom!

Chicken pot pie - The Grove
Perfect dome of pastry!

Cheesesteak – The Grove

Cheesesteak - The Grove
Creek Stone Farm Black angus flank steak, fontina, roasted sweet onion, hot and sweet peppers. Served with Kettle chips and a pickle. $11.50
The Grove, San Francisco CA

I guess when I ordered this, I expected it to arrive more as a traditional cheesesteak sandwich rather than a panini. It’s not really what I wanted, but it tasted ok. I thought it was on the dry side and the batard was hard.

Clarion Alley, Mission
Clarion Alley, Mission.

Tuna Melt – The Grove

Tuna Melt - The Grove
Housemade mayo-free tuna salad with fontina cheese and roma tomatoes. Served with Kettle chips and a pickle. $9.95
The Grove, San Francisco CA

This sandwich was good, but I kinda missed the mayo. I know that’s horrible of me to say, but I love me my mayo, lol! Ok, this sandwich was pretty good otherwise and I loved the toasted bread that they use. It could have used a bit more of melted fontina to keep everything together.

Pomegranate flower
Pomegranate flower (Punica granatum, Lythraceae), The Mission.