Preboarding free food frenzy – Star Alliance Gold Lounge

Preboarding free food frenzy - Star Alliance Gold Lounge
Chicken sandwich, chicken satay, chicken cheese balls with sweet and sour sauce, Diet Pepsi, Guinness beer. Complimentary
Star Alliance Gold Lounge, London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

This was one of several plates I managed to devour before boarding the plane back to San Francisco. I was really impressed at how many food items, both hot and cold, that they carried at this lounge! The fried chicken cheese balls were my favorite though probably because everything tastes better fried and covered in sweet and sour sauce. And they also served a nice variety of sodas and beer. I will admit that I did stuff several bags of potato chips and Diet Pepsi’s into my carry-on bag, but only because I knew the food on United was going to be horrible and I didn’t want to starve for the next 11 hours. Lol, I’m pretty ghetto! 😉

Knealing cushions
Knealing cushions, St. Margaret’s Church.