Fish and chips – Shelter Lounge

Fish and chips - Shelter Lounge
Dill tempura, sour cream tartar, fries. $16
Shelter Lounge, Seattle WA

The fried fish was was really greasy and the french fries were really salty. I was NOT impressed. The food here just kinda sucked.

PB&J jalapeno poppers – Shelter Lounge

PB&J jalapeno poppers - Shelter Lounge
Strawberry peppercorn jam, bacon. $9
Shelter Lounge, Seattle WA

These poppers were disgusting! I was intrigued by the concept, but they came out hard, dense, and tasted horrible. They were greasy on the outside and the filling was muddled and unpleasant. And I don’t appreciate out-dated menus that don’t reflect the current item pricing. Either that or our server was over-charging.