Hurricane popcorn and pig ears – Pink Zebra

Hurricane popcorn and pig ears - Pink Zebra
Furikake, butter, crispy pig ears, lime. $8
Pink Zebra, San Francisco CA

I was SO excited for this because I love hurricane popcorn, but this was unbelievably salty even more me – and I love salt! Ugh, I couldn’t eat very much of this without having to down a full glass of water between bouts. Such a waste!

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Menchi katsu – Pink Zebra

Menchi katsu - Pink Zebra
Smoked tonkatsu sauce, gruyere, brussels sprouts, plum pickled ginger, citrus braised endive. $18
Pink Zebra, San Francisco CA

I liked this dish enough. The pork was good (but on the verge of being over-fried and dry). I liked the brussels sprouts and the plum pickled ginger the most. The smoked tonkatsu sauce was a bit powerful.

Tender beef tongue – Pink Zebra

Tender beef tongue - Pink Zebra
Charred fava leaf puree, tsukudani-onion crema, calabrian chile and faba bean bread salsa. $12
Pink Zebra, San Francisco CA

Ok, I’m a fan of interesting and new flavor combinations and ingredients, but this did not work for me. Both the fava leaf puree and onion crema tasted off and completely over-powered everything else on the plate. The beef tongue was also too salty. This was not a successful plate.

Asahi Black beer - Pink Zebra
Asahi Black beer. $5