Apple danish – Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Apple danish Peet's Coffee & Tea

I really hate that breakfast options at airports are always super limited. I ended up grabbing this apple danish and a coffee at Peet’s. I rationalized buying this because I was super hungry and didn’t actually eat all of the pastry portion, hehe! Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in an airport, but I can never truly enjoy most food there.
Peet’s Coffee & Tea, SFO San Francisco

Apple danish Peet's Coffee & Tea

With a medium coffee.

Pumpkin cream cheese cake – Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Pumpkin cream cheese cake Peet's Coffee & Tea

I love the combination of pumpkin and cream cheese in any form! It’s sweet and fattening and delicious. This thick slice of cake was a little denser than I like but I love the cream cheese center.
Peet’s Coffee & Tea, South San Francisco CA

Latte Peet's Coffee & Tea