Chicken empanadas – Palio

Chicken empanadas Palio
With a passion fruit chutney. $8
Palio, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Wow, who knew something deep-fried and filled with meat could go SO wrong?! These packets were SO frickin’ greasy, and the “passion fruit chutney” tasted like sweet and sour sauce from a can. Ew!

San Juan city walls
The old city walls studded with watch tours along the Paseo de la Princesa.

Blue crab and avocado salad – Palio

Blue crab and avocado salad Palio
On grilled tomato with lime vinaigrette, served with toasted bread. $9
Palio, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

These were SO weird and totally not what we expected. The crab salad had a really weird texture, flavor, and color. And the grilled tomatoes were super cold. I was not a fan. 😦

San Juan Bay
View of San Juan Bay from the Palio balcony. There were usually a couple of cruise ships parked out front, but the terminals were oddly empty this particular day.

Cocktails – Palio

Mojito Palio
Bacardi mojito. Happy hour $5

Rum and Coke Palio
Bacardi and Diet Coke. Happy hour $5

Blue Sunset Palio
Blue sunset cocktail. Complimentary with voucher. I’m not sure what was in this thing, and I don’t want to know. It was horrible! We couldn’t even drink it even though it was free!
Palio, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

We came to Palio for happy hour drinks and snacks. Omg, I wish we hadn’t. The drinks were lame and the food was totally uninspired.

Sheraton Old San Juan
Looking up the side of the Sheraton Old San Juan from the balcony of Palio Restaurant. This is the hotel we stayed at in San Juan. It was a little out-dated, but it had a small casino and all the basics.