Mandarin beef stew noodle – Noodles

Mandarin beef stew noodle - Noodles
Beef brisket, tendons-spiced herb broth, udon noodles. $18.50
Noodles, Las Vegas NV

Meh, this soup tasted fine but I don’t think it was special enough to warrant a $18.50 price tag. Gimme a five dollar bowl of tasty pho any time!

Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel

Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel.


Tangerito cocktail – Noodles

Tangerito cocktail - Noodles

Cruzan “Junkanu” rum, rock candy syrup, fresh squeezed lime, tangerines and mint. $14
Noodles, Las Vegas NV

This a little on the tart side for my taste. I guess at fourteen bucks I was expecting this cocktail to be more balanced.

Bellagio Hotel

Shops as you enter the Bellagio Hotel.