Roasted Jurgielewicz duck – Momofuku Ssam Bar

Roasted Jurgielewicz duck - Momofuku Ssam Bar
Lentil, carrot, prune. $24
Momofuku Ssam Bar, New York NY

I liked this dish, but I’m going to say that it was definitely on the salty side. The roasted duck tasted great (even though the skin was super chewy), but the duck egg rolls really didn’t have to be there. They were salty and the wrapper was oily. The lentil and duck combination was new to me and I liked it.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge.

Pork belly steamed buns – Momofuku Ssam Bar

Pork belly steamed buns - Momofuku Ssam Bar
Hoisin, cucumber, scallion. $10
Momofuku Ssam Bar, New York NY

The super fatty pork belly pieces had a great flavor, but there was just too much grease everywhere! The buns were literally soaked in grease from the pool underneath. Even the cucumbers couldn’t cut the flavor of the grease. I loved the hot sauce that came in the tiny squirt bottle (although it wasn’t very hot).

Stateside saison beer - Momofuku Ssam Bar
Stateside saison beer. $9

Empire Fulton Ferry State Park
Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, Brooklyn Bridge.