Charcuterie board – Hamlet

Charcuterie board - Hamlet
Smoked duck prosciutto, salami, pork terrine. $15
Hamlet, San Francisco CA

This charcuterie plate was lovely. I liked that they included duck which isn’t standard for charcuterie boards. I also liked the thinness of the slices. The condiments and hazelnuts were also great accompaniments. Mmm…

Risotto negro with shrimp and mussels – Hamlet

Risotto negro with shrimp and mussels - Hamlet
Radish, meyer lemon confit. $17
Hamlet, San Francisco CA

I didn’t like this very much. The “risotto” was more like a hard and dry paella and there were few shrimp and mussels. The mussels were also shriveled and dry and the shrimp weren’t any more tender. Hmm…