Hot pot dinner – Haidilao Hot Pot

Hot pot dinner - Haidilao Hot Pot
Haidilao Hot Pot, Beijing CHINA

This was a really fun experience, especially as our first dinner in Beijing. We had a little difficulty ordering and trying to figure out how the process worked, but we managed. We had two different broths, one mild and the other spicy. Little did we know that the spicy broth would eventually reach lava spiciness, lol! I love spicy food, but even I couldn’t handle the spicy broth after all the oil for the chilies seeped into the broth. We ordered so many different kinds of meats and items to cook in the broth and I wish I could have taken pics of everything but I was really just trying to enjoy the dinner. We ordered a side of fresh noodles, and the guy came to our table and pulled the noodles tableside as he danced around. That was fun! Cheers to our successful maiden dinner in Beijing!

Marinated beef - Haidilao Hot Pot
Marinated beef.

Assorted seafood and meatballs - Haidilao Hot Pot
Assorted seafood and meatballs.

Greens - Haidilao Hot Pot

Enoki mushrooms - Haidilao Hot Pot
Enoki mushrooms.

Noodles pulled tableside - Haidilao Hot Pot
Noodles pulled tableside.