Benedictberg – DGS Delicatessen

Benedictberg - DGS Delicatessen
Poached eggs, DGS smoked salmon, latkes, sumac hollandaise. $12
DGS Delicatessen, Washington DC

This was another disappointment. The latkes were over-fried and greasy, and the eggs were poached hard. They may have been sitting under the warmer for too long(?). That would make sense since the service was SO slow. I wasn’t a fan of the sumac hollandaise either.

Bottomless mimosa - DGS Delicatessen
Bottomless mimosa. Yeah right! We would finish a glass but the server was never around to give us a refill. They should really call it “bottomless mimosas if the server feels like taking the time to do his job”. #lame

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park.

Shakshouka – DGS Delicatessen

Shakshouka - DGS Delicatessen
Poached eggs, tomato and roasted pepper stew, grilled bread. $12
DGS Delicatessen, Washington DC

This certainly wasn’t what I expected. This was actually just baked eggs (not even poached) in some tomato and pepper sauce. It was kinda weird and had an odd  flavor that I couldn’t quite pin down. I wouldn’t order this again.

The White House
The White House.