The Frenchie burger – DB Brasserie

The Frenchie burger - DB Brasserie
8 oz Angus beef, morbier cheese, dijon mustard, pork belly tomato-onion compote, arugula, black pepper bun. Happy hour $15
DB Brasserie, Las Vegas NV

This burger was good, but maybe there was too much going on for me to fully enjoy it. The patty was good though – it was juicy and had a nice texture. But between the rich cheese and rich pork belly compote, this burger quickly became too rich pretty quickly. I still love this place though!

Artisan cheese plate & Country pate ‘bourguignon’ – DB Brasserie

Artisan cheese plate & County pate bourguignon - DB Brasserie
Selection of 3 cheese, quince preserves, nuts, cranberry bread. Happy hour $9
Pork pate, pickled vegetables, grain mustard, country bread. Happy hour $9
DB Brasserie, Las Vegas NV

This place has a great happy hour! I love their food selection and everything is very tasty. The service is also friendly and accommodating. These boards were great and the portions were perfect. Call me crazy, but I hate it when they give you a gigantic pieces of cheese to over-feed you. I would rather get less cheese and not have to waste any. Anyway, both the cheeses and pate were delicious.

JL Colombo rose - DB Brasserie
JL Colombo rose, Cape Bleue, Mediteranee. Happy hour $5